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Special Edition

     Lola Viva loves having everyone together in one roof.  I spent most of my summer vacations growing up at her place with all my cousins. Almost all the  unforgettable childhood memories happened in that house.

     Mama Bing is the best seamstress in town. Growing up, she constantly made clothes for me which made me feel like a little princess.

       Grandma makes the best cookies and candies. She never fails to prepare a feast during family birthdays and holidays or even just a simple Sunday visit.

     I was six years old when Lolo Santos passed away in 2000 due to complications of diabetes. He was a principled and smart man who enjoyed telling stories to his children.

     Papa Ber loves mango. We share the same love for eating the juicy tropical fruit with rice. He loves sitting outside while trimming his beard using a sharp scissor.

     Poppop has the heartiest laugh. He takes care of his yard and his rose bushes with a passion. Him and Grandma banter like a young couple even after over 60 years of marriage. 

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