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paper planes project

The greatest irony in life is that when you are a child, all you want is to grow up fast. But as adulthood comes one will often wish to go back in time where the main responsibilities in a daily basis were to eat the vegetables on the plate, to take the daily nap, and to go and have endless playtime.

In 2014, I asked random strangers, ranging from young kids to adults, at Gravelly Point Park at Arlington, VA to write the things that caused their stress or their fears on a yellow paper and asked them to fold it into a paper plane. The yellow paper planes symbolize the act of letting go or just simply forgetting even for a moment the stresses and fears that life gives. And reliving those times when we are just little kids competing over whose paper plane flies the farthest. Growing up comes with a big load of responsibilities and blissful to cruel realizations. From time to time it is necessary to play and have fun like a child. So go and ask someone “do you wanna make paper planes?”

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