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           Baha is a series that seeks to recall the memories of a childhood joy and to highlight the constant struggle of Filipinos against natural calamities. Baha is the Filipino word for flood. The series is composed of books of snapshots of lighthearted fun Filipinos do during the floods that plague the country every year. Flood causes yearly devastation and destruction, but us, Filipinos, have adapted to still see the possibility of fun in times of calamities. Natural disasters continuously test the will of my people. For years, we have constantly proved our resilience and might in times of disasters. However, storms are getting stronger and more frequent because of climate change, and it has been harder to feel optimistic with every storm that devastates the country.

           The images are drawn on water soluble paper and on tulle fabric. The process of dissolving the water soluble paper in water leaves a ghostly image on the tulle fabric. This process connects me to that childhood joy I would feel whenever there was a flood at my grandparent’s place in the Philippines as I would stay up and help clean up with everyone. These books are my way of holding onto these slowly fading precious memories. 

Filipino artist

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